Incoming call which trunk answered

Hello, I’m trying to make a php that identifies which extension answered an external call. To find out which extension answered and which audio was answered.

My freepbx has an ivr and all incoming connections.
I was having to use the command “core show channels concise” but it is very complicated to identify the links of the incoming call and the extension that answered.

If anyone has any ideas or commands that I have this data easier, thank you very much.

All incoming channels should have a variable DIRECTION=INBOUND

You may want to look into AMI as well, to get the channel info.

Edit: came across this recently, not sure how useful if night be:

also core show channels verbose splits it better on ‘space’, but Inbound and Outbound calls need separate attention as the fields are not congruent and the lastapp field is more contextual.

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