Incoming call setup

Valued FreePBX community,

I am technologically challenged but anyway want to achieve the following:

Incoming calls are dropped automatically after 3 seconds and

  • the caller mustn’t pay for the call
  • the caller must hear a standard ringing signal (not busy)
  • the CID must be recorded

I know that this has nothing to do with standard FreePBX use, but is there a way to configure this within FreePBX nonetheless? If not, what other option would you recommend:

  • customize Asterisk?
  • modify an existing add-on to perform the task?
  • Write a new script to perform the task?

Any help is much appreciated!


Can be done with SIP trunks no problem. However, if you’re technically challenged you should hire someone to do the setup for you.

Set up an inbound route with signal ringing checked and pause before answer for the the time you want it to ring. Set the destination to Terminate call. I think this should generate a CDR record but havenot tested it.

Thanks Stonet! It does work but the caller still gets charged for the call. Any sort of termination still shows the call is being answered in CDR and the caller gets charged for hearing a busy signal. Strange that.

By following your advice and then setting the destination to a trunk or an extension that doesn’t work, the caller gets first a normal ringing tone, then an announcement “The person you are trying to…” before the busy signal appears. He is not charged for the call either but it takes far too long before the call is dropped. And it generates two entries in CDR.

Any ideas?


Please challenge me and tell me more about the proposed setup.(See other post for results so far)