Incoming Call - Number Recognition using phonebook or directory

Please can someone assist with allowing the FreeBPX to allow users to see the name from a phonebook or directory rather than the number dialed from.
If the number is in a phonebook… and someone calls from that number, it should show the name, not the number.
We have configured a name and number in the asterisk phone book, but cannot get that to work.

How do we do this?


The FreePBX module “Caller ID Lookup Sources” can be used to match incoming numbers with a name from the Asterisk Phonebook. Set the “source type” as internal and make sure you enable the lookup source in the inbound route(s) desired.

If you need to use other lookup sources, the “Caller ID Superfecta” module has dozens of modules that you can configure for matching names against numbers. Download from here:
suggest you install version