Incoming call - not answered, how to change the disconnect time


I have this case:
Incoming call to the number:
3011 is redirected to 3012 after 20 seconds
3012 is redirected to 3013 after 20 seconds
3013 is redirected to 3014 after 20 seconds
3014 is redirected to 3015 after 20 seconds
3015 is redirected to 3011 after 20 seconds

Currently, the incoming call is redirected 2 times and disconnects if it is not answered.
I would like the call to be forwarded for 1 or 2 minutes until someone finally answers.

Can I set it like that? Where?

Contact your service provider. Asterisk doesn’t apply any such limit, and I’d be surprised if FreePBX does.

Answering the call should disable the service provider’s timer, but will start charging for the call.

Please provide a call trace via pastebin, so we can see where the issue actually is.

No one is going to hang on the line for two minutes waiting for you to answer.

There are lots of creative ways of handling these calls built into FreePBX, including ring groups and queues, as well as other things like “fail over” destinations that point to ring groups. As such, there are a hundred other ways to skin this particular cat.

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