Incoming Call Intermittent Failure on VPN

I am having some problems with multiple extensions at the same remote location. So I set them up with a vpn to the server. That took a little while, because these are grandstreams so I had to do that configuration manually. But I did get it to work. But doing some testing seems to indicate that this hasn’t solved the problem completely.

When a call is sent to an extension, the extension rings normally. However, if you try to answer it, sometimes you will be met with a fast busy signal and the grandstream screen will say “no response.”

The problems are largely intermittent, which makes this more confusing. But I’ve found a bit of a pattern. If the phone has just been rebooted, or reregistered, it tends to fail. And once it works once, it seems to continue to work.

We have a couple yealinks also on the vpn and they seem to not be suffering from this problem. Which makes me think it’s a phone config issue. But we also have a phone at another location that is also on the vpn, and I can’t get audio in either direction on that extension, and that one only. So that makes me think it may be a server problem. Some of the vpn configs seem to be linked to the wrong users, and they may have been switched up when I had to download them manually and apply them to the phones. I don’t think that would be a problem, because the phones are registering to the server and it seems like the routing on the server would continue to send it to the right vpn ip regardless of how that vpn config is linked to a user. Is that right?

Any ideas?

Thank you.

I’ve done some more digging, and I’ve found that I’m having a similar problem to what was mentioned in this post. Except that I seem to be having an intermittent problem. Can anyone offer advice on what exactly @hawkeye was describing to do? Is it a server side change or a phone change? I don’t have DTLS enabled on the server, but neither do I have TLS enabled.

HI, what I feel you should do is show the output from CLI> of a call when it fails.

Thank you, I’m actually communicating with grandstream and they are telling me it’s a problem with the firmware I’ll respond here again if it turns out to not be a problem with the firmware.

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