Incoming call - how to treat mobile vs landline numbers differently


I would like to route mobile incoming calls to an IVR and landline directly to a queue.
How would you do that ?


Where do you live?

Hi Dicko,
I’m in France.
Mobile numbers start with 0[6,7], while landline 0[1-5,8,9]
My question is more about where to check.
I don’t see any pattern logic like in Outbound routes.
I’m not very comfortable with custom dialplans so looking for freepbx configuration tricks if there are.

Inbound routes support the same matching as outbound routes.

I was not able to find how to configure this on an inbound route.
Could you tell me where to clic :slight_smile: ?

You put in a pattern for the callerid in the callerid field.

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Create an Inbound Route with CallerID set to
that routes to the IVR and a second route with CallerID left blank that routes to the queue.

If this doesn’t work properly (all calls go to queue), look at a CDR record to see the caller ID format. It might be (for example) 33620123456 or +33620123456.

Thank you Tom and Stewart.
I was not aware of the possibility to use a pattern matching in CallerID field.
I had to prefix the pattern with _ to get it working and it’s perfect.
So _0[67]XXXXXXXX is the right solution for me.

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