Incoming call from other pbx (VoipSwitch) does not dial number through trunk

Asterisk 10
Freepbx 2.10

Trunk = GoIP (GoIP is a GSM Gateway)
Extensions = 1001 & 9001
Outbound route = All calls to GoIP

I am able to dial any number When I call from my extensions. Now I want to received call from Other PBX (called voipswitch). I have tried

Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls = Yes.
Inbound router = all calls to trunk GoIP

but when I get call from otherpbx my Trunk receive that call but does not dial the number because it is receiving numbers to dial.

2012-12-05 16:16:10 1354720570.489 SIP muqeet s Dial tdial SIP NO ANSWER 00:36

2012-12-05 16:15:01 1354720501.487 SIP muqeet s Dial tdial SIP NO ANSWER 00:28

Please advice how can I receive call from other pbxs or just to add IP address so call may get through.

Looking forward to hear from you guys.


muqeet82 ,any updates on this matter?

are they using iax trunks? and if yes what do your trunk definitions look like?