Incoming call from Genesys extension same as already exists on FreePBX

Hello everybody. Sorry for maybe noob question, I’ve searched for answers but none helped. We have to PBX systems in our office Genesys suite for CC and FreePBX for internal calls for employees.
Genesys and PBX are connected to each other as SIP trunk. The problem occures when Genesys extension 9874 dials any number on FPBX.

FPBX receives invite from genesys SIP server, answers with SIP 401, then receives second INVITE with extended authorization. When call arrives from extension not existing on FPBX side it’s ok. When extension overlaping FPBX answers to genesys with SIP 403 Forbidden.

Here is log excerpt:

[2020-08-14 11:33:50] VERBOSE[30404][C-00011bac] chan_sip.c: Found peer ‘9874’ for ‘9874’ from
[2020-08-14 11:33:50] WARNING[30404][C-00011bac] chan_sip.c: username mismatch, have <9874>, digest has <>
[2020-08-14 11:33:50] NOTICE[30404][C-00011bac] chan_sip.c: Failed to authenticate device sip:[email protected]_IP;tag=003B56BE-68F5-1E58-946B-0539DC0AAA77-29380950
[2020-08-14 11:33:50] VERBOSE[30404][C-00011bac] chan_sip.c:

I tried to play with genesys trunk incoming settings, type friend, type user et.c. but none of that helped.
Is there any way to disable user authentication for particular trunk ? Or maybe some other workaround ?


You need to configure the far end (the Genesys) to send the INVITE (the call) with a from header different than an extension number. Otherwise, if all your extensions are using chan_sip, you could use pjsip for the genesys trunk and avoid this as well.

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Thanks for your reply. Don’t know even if Genesys can do such trick. On first install of FPBX it was PJSIP. But then we had to move to chan_sip. I don’t remeber exactly what was the reason. If I’m not mistaken it was some problem with some models of yealink related to RTP.
P.S. It’s possible to modify from header on genesys side. Thanks for help.

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