Incoming call forward throug IAX to another Freepbx


I’ve two Freepbx 13 / Asterisk 13 connected throug an IAX. I’ve a sip trunk on site A with incoming calls.

Trunk SIP -> Freepbx A <-IAX-> Freepbx B

I want to forward incomiing calls from trunk SIP to Freepbx B through the IAX.

I’ve a solution with Misc Destination.
Freepbx A : extensions 100-199 / Ring groups : 600-699
Freepbx B : extensions 200-299 / Ring groups : 700-799

Incoming call trunk SIP -> Freepbx A : Misc Destination 700 <-IAX-> Freebpx B 700 ring group

Is there another solution ? I would like to do send directly the incoming calls though the IAX trunk to the second site :

Incoming call trunk SIP -> Freepbx A : IAX to site B <-> Inbound route Freepbx B -> Ring group

is that possible ? thanks

This is possible both ways that you have outlined but if you want it to be processed by an inbound route on FreePBX B the context of the IAX trunk needs to be from-external rather than from-internal. If you change it to from-external it will break the ability to dial extensions from one site to the other.
If this were my site I would set up a second IAX trunk set to from-external then send calls from the outside over that trunk.

Others will probably jump in and say there is a better way to do it.

To clarify, I would have 2 IAX trunks, a from-internal for extensions and such and a from-external for sending inbound calls over.

Incoming call trunk SIP -> Freepbx A >Inbound route> Trunk IAX to site B external -> Inbound route Freepbx B -> Ring group

This also works perfectly for me. All phones of all branches are registered at side B in this example via VPN. But is there a solution in case side B is down? Therefore the IAX runs to nowhere in this case.
However, side A yealinks can register at the same time at side A (locally, fallback). But there is no possibility to get an incoming call for B offline situation, since I didn’t found a solution to route calls by the inbound route to a local extension when the remote extension is down. Any idea? For inbound routes there seems to be not a similar logic as it is for outbound routes. What’s my goal: Let side A phones work even if side B is down. Otherwise when B is the head-office which is down, all branches are not reachable in the same moment. Any solutions I found, maybe ringgroups, other kind of extensions do not offer a choice for the online situation (B is available, use IAX first), and use local extension if IAX is down.