Incoming call channel using incorrect trunk

Hi there,

FreePBX version (old i know)

We have 4 SIP trunks as follows:

2 UK (london) numbers
1 Cananda number
1 Australia number.

Calls to both UK numbers and Canada number come through to FreePBX and hit the extension or Ring group as desired, HOWEVER they come in on the channel (down the trunk?) showing for the Australia number/trunk. (as shown in the Call Log)

i.e. Dialling our UK number 0207-xxx-xxxx comes in via channel SIP/6126xxxx…

How do I configure which channel/trunk (is there a difference?) external, incoming calls come down? There is nothing in the web gui to “order” them. The Australia Incoming route DID is top of the list currently. Each incoming route DID is set to the correct number currently.

Also, currently (and i don’t think this is linked) calls to the Australia number are not making it to our FreePBX server and come through on our fail-over analogue line. This second issue might or might not be linked; feel free to ignore in this post if not relevant to the first issue.

Many thanks for your help

I would think the inbound truck would be determined by the company that handles the traffic for that phone number. I don’t think you have any control over which truck a call comes in on, simply what you do with it once it gets to you. If you want the traffic to come in on a different trunk the number would need to be assigned to the company that handles the trunk you want to carry it.

It sounds like you don’t have your trunks configured so that the carrier that’s assigned to a trunk is the trunk you think it’s on, and your Australia number might not be hitting any of your trucks.

Thanks for the thoughts. I’ve contacted the carrier (its the same for all our trunks) and they seem to think the trunk(s) are all working fine for them i.e. they say they connect and receive calls on it if they configure it purely at their end.

I’m left a bit puzzled. The trunks are all connected, passwords etc are all correct, calls to all other numbers are working in and out, yet this one Australian number just isn’t hitting our server.

It suggests the number configured on the trunk is wrong, but its not. I keep looking for typo’s but this worked until recently. And i’ve not changed anything…

Any thoughts for a config for this beyond what i do in Webmin?

thanks again


im not quite sure, if I correctly understand your problem. But perhaps my thoughts may help.

There is an Asterisk-problem (it is not FreePBX-made) with assigning the correct trunk name to a call, if there are multiple trunks registered at the same provider. This problem only affects the shown name of the trunk. It doesn’t affect the call flow. Asterisk uses the correct trunk and proceeds the call as it’s set for that trunk (or better - route). Asterisk just writes the wrong name into the logfiles and into CDR. It picks the name of that trunk, which is listet uppermost in the config files. Try and change the sequence manually and you will see, Asterisk is now behaving like before, but showing the name of an other trunk. I don’t know why Asterisk does that, or why it hasn’t been fixed for years now, but I know that this is a known problem. I myself have searched a couple of hours to get that out…

For me for example, I have a few accounts at with different numbers.
So, there are trunks A (registered with DID 600), B (DID 700) and C (DID 800). There is an individual inbound route for each of these DIDs. If a call comes in on the account registered with trunk B and DID 700, it will follow exactly that route which it’s meant to be. But in the logfiles and CDR, there will be the name of trunk A (but with DID 700). In FreePBX 2.10, there is a new CDR Dialog, which respects that behavior and doesn’t print out the name of the inbound trunk. Instead it prints the DID, which is correct and for asterisk, only relevant to route a call.

So, if your call flow is correct, I would think you just have the “name-problem”. Don’t care any longer about it. But if your call flow is incorrect, you have to think again. But this one, you could find out quite easy. Set individual destinations for each trunk and call them.

Hope I could help a bit.

Greetings from Bavaria!

Are the trunks registered with the same provider using the same account details (so username, host, etc)? If so then this behaviour will be expected as the inbound call will simply choose whichever trunk it sees first with the correct inbound settings.

Hi Florian and Lee,

thanks for both your replies. In response:

Florian, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Inbound calls are indeed coming in correctly, but appear to be coming in on the incorrect trunk channel i.e. Trunk ‘A’ is our main number, but everything shows up in the CDR and dial-log as coming in on trunk channel ‘D’. If its purely a fault in the representation for the call and not the actual route its coming in on, then I’ll just leave it for now.
Oddly however, the order in sip_additional.conf places the trunk being used as the last entry in the whole list and there’s nothing in sip_custom_post.conf either.

Lee, all the trunks have different u/n and p/w, though the host IP they connect to is the same.

It seems like this is not an issue for me to be too worried about however. thanks again for the advice and assistance. Its much appreciated.

Kind regards