Incoming and Outgoing Voice is not working when configured in EPM

Hello I’m newbie here, I have setup EPM in Freepbx and my phones are Sangoma S205. I have setup option 66 to my dhcp and the auto-provision in my phone are working. My problem is there’s no receiving and outgoing voice from both handset. I have tried both phone configure in EPM and nothing happens I also tried EPM autoprovision phone to non-autoprovision phone and nothing happens. but when I’ve tried non-EPM phones they received incoming and outgoing voice. Can anybody here help me to solve this problem? I have notice the 2 non-EPM phones have configuration like this under account 1 and they can receive incoming and outgoing voice

Hello everybody, I’ve already solved the problem. I notice that my subnet under SIP settings are set to /24 instead of /22 so the subnet under cannot pass thru because of this settings. Thanks to * video tutorial for giving me basic insight in configuring freepbx.

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