Incom icw-1000g loses WiFi connection


Hey there!

I recently bought a new Incom ICW-1000g WiFi phone and I can connect it successfully to FreePBX via Endpoint Manager. However, when I reboot the device after provisioning, it won’t connect to the WiFi anymore. The phone correctly retrieves all the profiles and uses them as well. But after restarting the phone, I always have to delete all profiles and set them up manually again. After that it will reconnect, reprovision and work again until the next restart.

Does anyone else experienced something similar with that device?


(Adolfo) #2

in EPM you have to enable Wireless and input your Wifi credentials. If you don’t, when the phone reboots it won’t register until you manually reconnect it to the Wifi AP.


I am having the same issue. Did you get this fixed?

(Adolfo) #4

This is a very temperamental device. You really have to be patient with it. If all the settings are inputted correctly in EPM it works fine (most of the time). But if you roam from different WiFi SSIDs it can be a problem because you have to manually input and connect (and not restart) the phone.


Strangely, it seems to work just fine now. It reconnects every time it rediscovers the WiFi setting. I haven’t really changed anything settings related.

Adolofo is correct: You have to correctly onput all the WiFi data in the EPM. There seems to be a problem with the pass phrase and key as well. I manually entered the pass phrase as well as the key in the basefile. Futhermore, the key is entered encoded.


Thanks for the information. Does anyone have a suggestion for another WIFI phone instead of this one ?

(Phil) #7

Sorry to raise the dead - we’ve found a similar problem, just got one of these devices. Initially it was disconnecting from wifi all the time - I’ve got it working solidly now, but it seems like EPM is getting a bit mixed up with the wifi profile. It seems to be generating 2 wifi profiles rather than just a single one. The first profile has the outbound proxy defined but nothing else. The second profile has no outbound proxy but does have the SSID and passphrase.

I expect I can monkey with the basefile to get it defined properly, but obviously that is not ideal.

(Jeremy Lizzotte) #8

New wifi phone, to answer your other question, Grandstream WP820 works well. No template in EPM, so you just need to use the DP750