INCOM ICW-1000 wifi SIP phone problems


Have posted this here and whilst not 100% relevant to FreePBX, I am hoping someone may have some advise…

I have an INCOM ICW-1000 wifi sip phone running on FreePBX. I have just got hold of one of these phones to test out prior to recommendation and installation for a client of mine.

Whilst the phone is operating fine on FreePBX, I cannot get it to connect to my 802.1x enterprise wifi network. I have needed to create a temporary WPA-PSK network (as you would typically have at a SMB or home).

I appreciate this is more of a networking topic than specifically related to FreePBX; however I am hoping there are people in the field using these phones on their PBX that have experience with them. I am not overly impressed with this particular handset and would welcome any other recommendation that are not going to break the bank. (DECT is not an option).

Many thanks,


I would start troubleshooting with the Wifi Channel Type first (A, B, G, N) and make sure that your phone and your network are compatible. I ran into a similar problem with a Wireless-N network that wouldn’t let some older Wireless-A adapters connect.

I’m gonna guess that the tertiary information about the connection will lead you down the path to figuring out the problem.