Including location information in 911 calls


Is there a way in FreePBX to add location information to emergency calls (ie. 911 calls)? In the current phone system that we have (Lync), when a call is made to 911, Lync looks up the location information of the caller, and sends the call out the PRI to the local PSAP with the location information. I am looking for a way to replicate this functionality with the phones that are registered to FreePBX.

Thank you in advance for any assistance that you can provide

Our SIP trunk provider handles the e911, we just have to make sure the records are correct in their system.

I set up a outbound route that directs the call to the proper emergency assistance number that each municipality has established, then route by extension. In the extensions defn, be sure to include an “Emergency CID” number that is registered to the location (like a fax line that isn;t on the VoIP system).

This allows anyone to dial 911 and be directed to the right place based on the extension.

This does not resolve what happens if the phone is moved (but neither does the e911 solution).