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Including custom contexts

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FreeSWITCH on Raspberry Pi


Raspbian IS Debian :wink:

(Emmanuel Ita) #23

Thanks guys. going over the fusion pbx to see if i would change my server though the other option i have in mind is to use multiple raspbx.

(Emmanuel Ita) #24

Please guys, got another challenge with chan dongle. I have have 4 raspbx setup and i have installed chan dongle on them but i am getting an error and the usb is not connecting in one of the raspbx. here is the error.

chan_dongle.c:445 do_monitor_phone: [dongle0] timedout while waiting ‘OK’ in response to ‘AT’
– [dongle0] Error initializing Dongle
– [dongle0] Dongle has disconnected
– [dongle0] Trying to connect on /dev/ttyUSB2…
– [dongle0] Dongle has connected, initializing…

Please what could be the cause and how do i resolve this.

(Tom Ray) #25

Make a new thread. Stop using existing ones.

(Emmanuel Ita) #26

Okay, will do. Thanks