Include time requirement plus greeting before the doorbell rings

Hi, everyone,
I have set up a time group and time condition on a phone number so that "
If they match, “the relevant extension is routed. If”
Destination if they do not match “the voicemail of this extension is routed. In addition, I have selected the appropriate” time condition “in the” Inbound Routes “under” Set destination ".

That works so far. But now I would also like to add a greeting message before the doorbell rings. For this I would have to set the inbound route to “announcement”. Conclusion, it looks like that either only a time condition or an announcement before the doorbell is possible. Unless you can set up two time-related inbound routes for this number.

Or is there another solution to provide both time conditions and the announcement text for a phone number before the doorbell rings?

Many Thanks


You should be able to add an announcement after the time condition. If the announcement, or the outcome after it, should be different depending on the time condition, then create on announcement to use after the " does match" and another to use after the “doesn’t match”.

Thank you for your answer. However, I do not understand the way yet.
I am now in “Inbound Routes” to set my “Time Conditions” under “General” and “Set Destination” because I have the two states “office time” and “closed”. At the same time, I want to point out the legal situation with an announcement for data protection before each incoming call. But I can only do an entry - “Time Conditions” or “AnnouCements” only with “Set Destination”. Where can I add this announcement to your statement?

The time condition allows you to set two different destinations depending on the time of the day. You just need to set those destinations to two different announcements as required. Then on each announcement you select the message that you need to be played and set the destination as needed.

That’s clear to me, it’s also configured that way. That’s not my question. As I already described in the starter thread, I also want to play an announcement before one of the two conditions occurs:
Trunk => Announcement => Time condition for normal => Extension / Voicemail and Closed / Closed announcement

If the announcement is the same no matter what time of the day, then point your inbound route to the announcement and point the announcement to the time condition. On the other hand, if the announcement should change together with the time condition, then point the time condition to each announcement and point those announcements to their final destination.

Think of all of this as a flow where one point leads to be the next and so on until the final destination.

That sounds very promising. Thank you very much!

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