Inbound Trunk Endpoint Uncreachable


I am using FreePBX 15. I can call outbound but inbound fails. There is no ip in fail2ban and firewall allows provider’s ip range Trusted Zone. I have a different inbound ip which is reached. So it is specific to one ip.

The OPTIONS qualify frequency is set to 0. There is no NAT as server resides on AWS cloud. its static-ip-to-static ip. There is no router or portforwarding.

Within Asterisk Info - the inbound trunk is showing OFFLINE - however, my other inbound trunk is ONLINE. Therefore, its specific to ip.

ip’s are all “matched” See below.

Endpoint: Dial_9_Inbound Not in use 0 of inf
Aor: Dial_9_Inbound 0
Contact: Dial_9_Inbound/sip: c8b5b70569 Avail 2.593
Transport: udp 3 96
Identify: Dial_9_Inbound/Dial_9_Inbound
Match: x.x.x.8/32

Endpoint: Dial_9_Inbound_copy_1 Unavailable 0 of inf
Aor: Dial_9_Inbound_copy_1 0
Contact: Dial_9_Inbound_copy_1/sip: 8b5c78d87b Unavail 0.000
Transport: udp 3 96
Identify: Dial_9_Inbound_copy_1/Dial_9_Inbound_copy_1
Match: x.x.x.22/32

What could this issue be please?


When you duplicate a trunk, the copy is disabled (to give you a chance to make necessary changes). Confirm that the General tab for the failing trunk shows Disable Trunk set to No.

Is this a transcription error, or is the port # for this trunk really set to 5? If the latter, check that SIP Server Port is correctly set to 5060.

Is the address correct? I’m not familiar with Dial 9, but

says that you must contact support to obtain it.

If you still have trouble, run sngrep (which ‘listens’ before the FreePBX firewall) and see whether attempted calls on the failing trunk show up. If not, confirm that the AWS Security Group permits traffic from If that’s also ok, try to get a SIP trace from Dial 9 showing when and where they sent the failing INVITE.

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