Inbound to outbound route

Hi i was wondering if any1 could help me i have setup a paif with freebx installation to connect to my Voip provider when i make a sip extention 2XX everything works find i setup an inbound route to forward to 201 and it worked

then i setup a call manager box with a sip trunk to astericks the call manager extention is 3XX… i made an route bound route to 3XX to the callmanager trunk and the 201 extention call call it and it all works but what im trying to do is a call comming from the voip will forward to the 3XX range on the callmanahger but in freepbx i can only select the extentions and not the route

so the questions is how to i sent a call from the voip 6189XXXXXXX to a outbound route say to 313 i tryed looking at but it didnt work or did something wrong… any help would be great thanks :slight_smile:


2XX___ 3XX
VOIP<------>FREEPBX(PIaF)<---------> cisco callmanager