Inbound SIP calls not working, doesn't accept invites


I have FreePBX 2.11 installed and everything seems to works OK, except on one thing.

I have an ISDN trunk working for inbound calls (anyCID configured), and a SIP account for outbound calls.

But a I have another SIP account por inbounds and putbound calls and, although I’m able to call out, can’t get any inbound call from this trunk. My provider says when the call is entering, it send invites, bat there is no answer.

I have allow guest=yes in sip general settings.

In trunk settings: insecure=invite,port

Any Idea? I had it working in a different machine without any problems and same configuration. What can I do?


well, i did a sip set debug on, made a call, but nothing happened on the screen. The cli said nothing :frowning:

Any idea? My provider sais invite is send, but it doesn’t get any response.