Inbound Signaling call failed

Just wanted to share a strange issue I am trying to wrap my head around and can’t figure it out for the life of me and was hoping someone has shared an experience that is similar to mine.

Scope of Issue: Currently when making an inbound call into my test SIP trunk it is getting a ring back to an extension when trying to receive the call it is met with a active timer that the call has initiated but the extension within my PBX still continues to ring and the call then fails but yet my extension still continues to ring until I forcefully reject on my physical extension. Outbound calling works as intended. I do have a pcap of this instance but didn’t know how to share it within this post.

Any help would be appreciated as I feel this simply might be a silly setting I am missing.

Thank you,

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I too am having this issue. I am baffled!

Are you using CHANSIP or PJSIP?
Also, does this happen when you call extension to extension?
Which ports do you have open to your PBX?

Thanks for replying. I am using Chan_sip as trunk. Also this does not occur when dialing extension to extension that operates perfectly. I believe ports 80,81,83,85 and 84.

Doesn’t look like you have your SIP ports open. Figure out what ports you are using, and open it from your SIP Provider only.
(By default, PJSIP is 5060, ChanSIP 5160, you will also need to open 10000-20000)

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