Inbound setup


I would like to know if I can do next scenario with freepbx:

Is a kind of call center inbound setup. We are a small call center.

Every one of our clients has a DID number for their clients.

Client A - DID1 - Script1 for agent

Client B - DID2 - Script2 for agent

So when a client call on DID1 the ID call (the number of who is calling)
the Script1 to appear on the desktop of agent.

Also the script has to be very customizable, to be able to add different

types of fields text/date/number and to be able to colect & store them
to a database.

Usually I’m using this configuration for secretary services, and every
client has a different script.


any idea?

nobody know?
or noone use freepbx?

yes tens of thousands use FreePBX, but out of those I’ll bet only a few hundred do it in call center setups. And you need to wait for one of those who know to answer.

Anything is possible if you want to write a few scripts. Your need seems pretty particular so…

If you really want it do to it purchase some support and they will write it for you.