Inbound Routing


“Main FreePBX” server connected to “VOIP Provider X” via IAX2 trunk,

Several “on-site FreePBX” servers are connected to “Main FreePBX” via IAX2 Trunks.

“Main FreePBX” has Inbound routes that route all inbound DIDs to the correct “on-site FreePBX” servers. It works great.

Except for when one of the “on-site FreePBX” servers calls a DID that’s located at a different “on-site FreePBX” server, the call routes to “Main FreePBX”, which then routes it to “VOIP Provider X”, “VOIP Provider X” sends the call back to “Main FreePBX” server, and then its routed to the correct “on-site FreePBX” Server.

Is there a way to tell the “Main FreePBX” server to route the call directly to the correct “on-site FreePBX” server? It seems like its completely ignoring my inbound routes when the call passes thru my “Main FreePBX” server.

The conventional way to do this is with a loopback outbound route and trunk, but I wrote an agi that can do this too

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