Inbound Routing Assistance Please

I am new to the freepbx.
I have asterisk now and it is updated.

i created 4 extensions
I have created 2 ringgroups ( sales - support )

when i configured my main line i configured the destination for an IVR at first. when i tried to call in, nothing would happen then the call would be dropped. I have since confirmed the call comes in ok.

I configured the call to go directly to a extension. This works perfectly, but dosnt help my case.

i created a ringgroup with 3 extensions in it ( we will call it sales )

when i make the main line destination to this ringgroup only 1 extension will ring. the other two do nothing. when i take that person out of the ringgroup ( the one that worked) then called in, nothing would happen. all calls from all phones can go out ok.

so i am having a inbound routing issue.

what i am looking for is, when someone calls in, the ivr picks up, 3 phone extensions should ring, and the person who is not on a call, can pick up the call.

please assist, this should be vary basic and for some reason i can grasp it!

OK here is what I think you need to check.

  1. Sales Ring group: dial it from an inside phone, do they all ring, if not check that you are putting the extensions for the ring group correctly ( seperate lines )
  2. Inbound route: You already checked that it was coming in directly to an extension, so you know that works. Make sure your route for that call is Ringgroup-> Sales

Repeat this step for the other groups.

IVR, make sure you have programmed the menu option for the IVR to go to the ring group, maybe make it go to 1 extension and insure its working with the IVR option you programmed. So lets say option 2 dials ring group sales.

Lastly, confirm nobody has DND activated and that you have applied all your changes.

Good Luck

great feedback.

here is what i did before i read this, i had another test account with ipcomms. i entered that phone info in and removed all inbound routes and created only one.

system works perfectly… ughhhh

I will reconfigure and use those settings you advised. thank you so much for the time and education! :smiley:

If you had looked at the logs you would have seen the trunk was matching the wrong peer.

This is the problem with the “kitchen soup” approach that folks use to develop the trunks as examples are only a starting point. Asterisk will match the first possibly peer so if you have a generic peer it will match that and move on. With the call arriving in the wrong context you get unpredictable response.