Inbound routes

In the Advanced settings for each trunk, put the corresponding DDI (called phone number) into Context User.

I’m trying to identify the DID

You don’t have to. For each trunk, put a different number into Contact User. Use that number as DID number in the Inbound Route.

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Bloody Hell, I think he’s done it!

Seems to be working.

Thanks VERY much @Stewart1 Pint on me!

You have to write one, so add

exten => _X.,1,Goto(ext-local,229)

to extensions_custom.conf , set the tru(n)ck context to `from-elephant’ and reload the dialplan.

Now to get my head round Outbound Routes and getting certain extensions to use specific trunks.

On my PBX’s (several, both v15 & v16), the DID is shown in the 1st two log entries for incoming calls via my SIP Trunks. I’m not sure why your log entries don’t do the same.

They do now that I’ve used contact user.

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