Inbound Routes

Cannot use DID 0, Why?
FreePBX Version 2.4

huh? you need to provide a lot more information then 8 words.

trunk type? does your provider provide DID, if not then that’s why to start. version of asterisk not that we need it at this point the more information the better you’ll get a replay that will help you.

I want to set an inbound route to place a call to extension 0 to the User Extension 10. The Call is comming from an IAX- or MISDN-Trunk. If I try to set the 0 as inbound DID it is saved as all-DID.

that’s a lot of work for doing the following: Install Ring group mod. create a group for 0, add the extension 10 to the group, select ringall as the strategy. It’s that simple. And when you need more then one person to cover you just add them to the group and it also works. (Also that way a local extension can call 0 and get the phone to ring).

it doesn’t word because a ring Group is only available from-internal and not from-trunk!