Inbound routes


I’m having problems with my inbound routes in my Raspbx (asterisk 11.5.1)

Until now everything seems to work fine for the exception of the inbound routes.
I have two incoming sip accounts from Dutch provider XS4All.

Only way to get these lines (inbound) working is to have any DiD on one of the trunks, but then I’m not able to direct the incoming lines to a certain extension.

Filling in CID won’t help. Have tried a lot of formats, +landcode, without landcode with a leading zero, without a leading zero, etc, nothings seems to work.

Anybody any idea ??


Look in the logs and make sure you understand exactly what your carrier is sending as the DID. That’s what you have to enter into the DID field. Under most circumstances,never enter anything in the CID field.

Thanks Bill,

What i did was following in asterisk -r vvvv what is happening, but unfortunately I was not able to find anything what gives me a clue. The only did is saw was did=‘s’.

As I am inexperienced in this matters… Is there another more covieniend way to have a look to the asterisk output?

That’s the quickest way to look at what’s going on and to see what DID you are receiving. Almost looks like you aren’t receiving a DID from your provider.

So I suppose CID should do the work, but I think because my DID is empty the any did is now taking care for the route. Have tried to fill in the DID and the CID but than I don’t get any calls coming in.
I will contact my provider again.

Hello Ron,

I had the same problem. I found out it had to do with the Register String in the SIP trunk definition.
You will have to add /. so you total Register string would be:
0123456789:[email protected]/0123456789

Kind regards

0123456789:[email protected]/0123456789