Inbound routes to multiple SIM number

Hi all
I’m using an AGi script to interact with my freepbx server
The script is placed in extensions_customs.conf.
I also configured an inbound route and pointed my script to the inbound route as shown in the screenshoot. When I call the script is executed correctly.
Now I’m searching a way to create multiples inbound routes (using Asterisk script) in and be able to point my AGI scripts to multiple destinations (multiple SIM numbers using a GSM gateway).
Example : When I call 6XXXXX It will execute a specific AGI script in extensions_customs.conf.
When I call 7XXXXX It will execute an other* AGI script in extensions_customs.conf.

I have tried to put a script like this in extensions_customs.conf :

exten => NXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/1000/500)

where 1000 is the id of the trunk and 500 is the number of the extension associated to the AGI script.

Is someone who can help me with the good syntax or with the good way to achieve my goal?

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