Inbound Routes Setup

Hi Guys,

Last Friday, i setup inbound routes that all calls will route to my extension, after cliking submit, i tried to dial my trunk number, but it doesn’t work. Someone told me that the configuration will effects within 24hours, so i live there and wait for 24hrs, just now, i tried to call, the inbound routes is working, but now i need to edit the inbound routes to route into IVR, then after cliking on submit, inbound calls is not working again, do i need to wait 24hrs again so that the setup will works? Please help! thanks!

What type of system are you talking about? FreePBX changes commit immediately.

its already working, i changed my context to type=peer from type=user, but this time, my IVR doesn’t working but only using my xlite, but using skype its working. do you know what’s wrong?

Are you hitting the reload button after you submit the changes? It’s a two step process. You make changes then hit submit, but you must reload the configuration for those changes to take effect. Once hitting the reload button (at the top of your screen) the changes take effect immediately.

thanks guys for the support, its working now. butthis time i got this new issue. when i received calls, the calls will automatically hungup after 25 seconds, this is everytime i reveice incoming calls. do you know what is the cause of this?

I would suggest you start a new thread rather than tack it onto this one or search some threads first. This problem is almost always a NAT issue. There are many threads on the subject.

its ok, i already got it… thanks for the support guys…