Inbound routes rule for multiple origins

Hi all!

In wonder if it’s there any module to manage multiple origins for inbound rules.

I have about 1000 numbers to send to an specific destination. Is there any module to manage this efficiently?

It also would be possible to connect to a SQL badabase to do a query.

Can anyone help me please?

Best regards.

If you have a lot of DIDs use bulk import.
2. Yes you can

Hi PitzKey,

Bulk Import seems to work for me but, is it suitable for 1000 numbers? What do you think?


Hi again,

Dynamic Routes seems to be a good choice for quering databases. Never heard about it till now. Does i work properly? Does anyone know it?


There is a context in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf

; from-did-direct:
; forces ext-findmefollow to take precedence over ext-local. Also exposed to
; the public side to allow an extension number to be used as an external DID
; without requiring inbound routes to be created, common in many PRI installations
; where the last 4 digits are used as the extnension and DIDs are delivered in
; 4 digit formats.
include => ext-findmefollow
include => ext-local

this will send incoming did calls to matching internal extensions, you can modify the CallerID(number) at the beginning of such a context if the mapping is not “1-to-1” but there is a recognizable connection between the two.