Inbound Routes Problems


i have an Trixbox behind an Auerswald 5020Voip PBX. In the FreePBX i registered only a Trunk “mISDN/1/$OUTNUM$”, a outbound route (with X.) and the Extensions with the DirectDID (10,12,13,16,18). additionally i registered a ring group with DID 20(Extensions 10+12). (this DID(20)) are registered in the Auerswald5020 PBX an arrived in Trixbox like an direct-DID)

We only use VOIP-Technologie INSIDE, Outside everything goes via ISDN.

now i want to set up a Voicemail (Day/Night Control) with the Ring-Group 20 (DID 10+12). So i will need an inbound Route but doesn´t work. Nothing arrived with an inbound Route… I had tried everything, only Direkt DID, complete MSN, …

what am I doing wrong? has perhaps something with the Trunk(Context) to do?

My MISDN Config (configured manually like in asterisk- many without functional!):


; defines the maximum amount of outgoing calls per port for this group
; exceeding calls will be rejected

; define your ports, e.g. 1,2 (depends on mISDN-driver loading order)
msns=13,20,21,23,24,30 (this is without a functional)
; context where to go to when incoming Call on one of the above ports


My Extensions Config:

;this is where parked calls go if they time-out. Should probably re-ring
include => Nur_intern
include => ISDN_raus

;incoming calls
exten => _XX,1,goto(Nur_intern,${EXTEN},1) (this is without a functional)
exten => _X.,1,TrySystem(echo “Fehler: Ruf von ISDN (CID:${CALLERID(number)}) zu Rufnummer ${EXTEN}” >> /var/log/asterisk/error.log)

exten => _2[023],1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN},120)(this is without a functional)
exten => _XX,1,Dial(mISDN/g:INTERN/${EXTEN},120)(this is without a functional)
exten => _XX,2,Busy()(this is without a functional)

exten => _X.,1,Dial(mISDN/g:INTERN/${EXTEN},120)(this is without a functional)

My next little Problem:
We use only Grandstrem GXP2000 Phones with asterisk BLF Buttons. If i puk up an call from an other Extensions with an direkt-DID everything is ok, but i can´t pick up a incoming call to the RING-Group ?!? (Voice: That feature can´t be… on this Line…)

I hope you can help me :slight_smile:
Beste Regards

several questions…

What version of asterisk and FreePBX as you don’t say.

What exactly do you mean “My Extensions Config:” What is the actual name of the file you placed those contexts into?

As for ring groups and pickup groups… Ring groups are exactly that a group of phones it rings nothing else. A pickup group is exactly that a group of phones you can pickup calls from. So if you have a ring group called 199 then you also need to create a pickup group called 199 and place all the phones that are in that ring group into that pickup group then those in that group can dial another EXTENSION that is in that group to be picked up.

Hy, it is trixbox 2.6. The FreePbx is the newest.

the file ist the extensions.config in the Asterisk DIR.
My Problem :No Telephone get a signal with an INBOUND Route…

Maybe there are problems with the trunk ?!..

you can’t (should not/don’t) edit the extensions.conf file in /etc/asterisk. If you read the top 20 or so lines of the file is say’s so. Please see:

If you want to add something to the extensions.conf file you add it to extensions_custom.conf instead as FreePBX owns extensions.conf

By editing the extensions.conf file you have potentialy removed all of the programming (assuming what youi posted is all of the file) the FreePBX needs to function and of course it will not work now.

hmm okay. can i download only the original file an replace it?

so … i´ve looked in the original files… that can´t be the problem …:frowning: everything ist ok…