Inbound Routes Priorities

I’m trying configure Inbound routes like this:

All CID Prioritz Route are disabled

Due to the User Guide the priorities are:
With CID Priority Route disabled:

  1. Routes with a specific DID and CID will always be first in priority.
  2. Routes with a specific DID but no CID will be second in priority.
  3. Routes with no DID, but with a specific CID will be third in priority.
  4. Routes with no specific DID or CID will be last in priority.

So I assume that I call from 602252000 cellphone to PBX I hit second Inbound Route and so make Echo test.
But I always hit the first inbound route. Why? Isn’t it bug? Am I missing something?

Workaround is when I set CID Priority Route in second Inbound Route to YES. after that it’s work as I expected.
but I suppose that is not proper behaviour.

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