Inbound Routes Overview


I’m trying to clean up a poorly-documented phone system running FreePBX*. Part of that is going to involve sorting through the hundred or so DIDs and finding out which ones route to no-longer-used extensions. Rather than clicking through each inbound route one at a time, is there a report or page that will give me each DID or inbound route and its destination(s)?

*To be upgraded later, but there’s a lot of old business-critical processes that involve hastily-written scripts across multiple servers with no documentation and no sanity-checking. I want to make sure the server room won’t spontaneously explode if I change software versions.

There is an option in advanced settings that doesn’t let you apply changes if there are conflicts or bad destinations. We use this a lot:

You could also open up about a hundred tabs.

That’ll be useful for later steps, but not so much for what I’m doing now. I wound up exporting the DIDs (via the Bulk DIDs module) and working with them in a spreadsheet.

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