Inbound routes on freepbx doesn't work

In my inbound routes, when I create an inbound route for a specific DID, it still works as a catch-all route. I even tried throwing any random number in DID field of the inbound route, but I can still connect to the main IVR, which is very wierd. I am not sure if there is something wrong with the asterisk. From what I understand is, it is completely ignoring the CID and DID fields. Anyone have any idea?
Thank you

Possible problems:

  1. You have a CID Priority Route that is overriding your tests.
  2. Your trunk has a Context that bypasses some or all of the Inbound Route logic.
  3. Your trunk is not delivering the DID in the URI or expected header.
  4. Your trunk is not delivering the DID in the expected format.

Confirm that the CDR report shows the DID as you have entered it in the inbound route.

If you still have trouble, post a screenshot of your Inbound Routes page, paste the Asterisk log for an improperly routed call at and post the last eight hex characters of the link.

Ok I will check all of these things and get back.

It was the context. I had to change the context to match from-pstn-toheader. Thank you for the help. I really appreciate that.

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