Inbound Routes module problem

Hi all,
It is the first time I write here, so I think introduction is in order. My name is Nikita, I’m sysadmin from Belarus. So far I got up and running two basic FreePBX installations, one in the company I work for, and one at home, which I use for experiments, so I’m still a newbie.
Today I’ve tried to add an inbound route to my home system (which before had only one catch-all route). Now I can neither delete, no change it. When I click the “delete” icon, page is reloaded, but nothing else happens. When I click the “edit” icon, the route screen shows empty/default values in all fields and don’t save any changes. I can only add more inbound routes, which I did, and now can’t get rid of it.

  • What can I do to delete the route manually (edit some file?)
  • Why the module is not working? Looks like a bug.
    Please help.
    Home system is FreePBX 13.0.1alpha69 (Distro installation) using Asterisk 13.3.2. All modules are updated to latest versions.

FreePBX 13 is an Alpha version, you can expect to find bugs. It is not appropriate for newbies. You should be using the latest stable, FreePBX 12.

I know it’s experimental, but my VoIP provider uses RFC 3966 TEL URI for incoming invites. So I have to use Asterisk 13 - older versions does not support it.

Negative. FreePBX 12 works with Asterisk 13. You may be forced to install with Asterisk 12, but you can upgrade post installation with


Is there a simple way to downgrade/switch to FreePBX 12?

simple, no. there is no real downgrade process.

Make sure your core (and all other modules) are up to date:

Admin -> Module Admin -> Check online

If everything is up tp date and it is not working please file a bug report.

Done. Meanwhile, is there a way to manually delete an incoming route? Via Asterisk CLI maybe, or in some config file?

you should be able to:


replace YOURPBX DID and CID appropriately.

Can you post your “delete link”

I just looked at your bug and there is a small piece of info that wasn’t here (+ in the numbers)

I have pushed a fix which should release with the next core.

Yes, I played with it a little before posting an issue, and found out it doesn’t work only with “+”.
Thanks a lot.

You should have an update Core 13.0.1alpha30