Inbound Routes for alphanumeric URI's

How do I route alphanumeric URI’s to destinations, ie.

[email protected] to IVR
[email protected] to ext. 100
[email protected] ext. 101

All alphanumeric calls would come from the same trunk.

I have tried variants of this in custom extensions without luck.
exten => joe,1,Goto(100,1)
exten => joe,n,Macro(hangupcall,)


Leaving off the custom dialplan for now, what happens if you have an any/any inbound route (route without any cid/did defined), do these calls go to the destination set for the any/any route?

Hello Lorne,

Yes the any/any inbound route will catch them.


For extensions, the SIP Alias field (in FreePBX 15, found in the Advanced tab of extension config).

In ext 100 go to that field and enter joe, save, apply.

I do not think there is such a facility for IVRs within FreePBX.

In that case you can probably use Dynamic Routes and branch the call using asterisk variable ${FROM_DID}

Thank you. This does work and creates exten => Jane,1,Goto(from-internal,101,1) on the dialplan.
I have not been able to make this work for IVR’s in any way by modifying and putting it in extensions_custom.conf
I have just created virtual extensions for the few that would go to the IVR’s and set call forward to the IVR.

Thanks, I did not try as I could make billsimon’s solution work without additional modules.

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