Inbound Routes for 2x analog FXO to two extensions

Hi, i have two analog FXO cards with two analog lines. I need create two rules Inbound Routes without DID. I imagine this rule : all incoming calls for FXO port1 transfer to extension 1 and all incoming calls for FXO port2 transfer to extensions 2. I can’t use DID od CID for distinguish port FXO1 and FXO2. I am behind PBX and i get only CID. There is a large undergroud space without any cell mobile signal but there is a WiFi coverage. I am trying transfer calls from two analog lines to two WiFi SIP phones. In Inbound Routes is DID and CID rules only for recognize. I have FreePBX 15.

Can I somehow distinguish incoming FXO ports using trunks or some way to mark incoming calls on FXO ports in DAHDI configuration for next use in Inboud Routes?

Inbound Route for one FXO port to one Extension work great. (Any DID any CID)

Thank You for Your time :wink:
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Welcome Lukas

The way you distinguish between analog DAHDI channels is with the DAHDI Channel DIDs module:

Once a channel has a DID assigned, you can reference it on an inbound route.

I thank You very much for fast reply! It’s work perfect.
You are genius, sir!
Now i can make a life easier for engeneers in hospital.

A small notes for other readers Ports in DAHDI Configuration are Channels in DID i found.

Have a nice day :wink:


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