Inbound routes Feature code admin selection generates "bad destination" error

In FreePBX 2.9 when I select a “feature code admin” option e.g. (*98 dial VM) it generates a bad destination error. I think there is a bug in 2.9

It happens on multiple installations running 2.10.X.
I have set up the “Feature code admin” to call the system fax (dial 666) and I get the same error:

There are 4 bad destinations

Inbound Fax Detection: Entrata Generica (/)
Inbound Fax Detection: Eutelia-201 (XXXX1865201/)
Inbound Fax Detection: XXXX67648 (XXXX67648/)
Inbound Fax Detection: XXXX698304 (XXXX698304/)

Added 15 minutes ago

Any suggestion?

This bug was never acknowledged so until someone looks at it you need to do things the old way. Go to “miscellaneous destinations” and enter a feature shortcut. Unfortunately the list of shortcuts is no longer provided so you’ll have to google it. Then you can link your inbound route to this misc destination instead of Feature code admin

No the bug was fixed. It was fixed last week already.