Inbound Routes, DID matching

I have two numbers-on separate trunks- for illustration: 01623111111 and 01623222222.

I want to set up 01623111111 to take one inbound route and 01623222222 to take another.

I set up an inbound route with a match of _.111111 but this matched calls to both numbers.

To test my misunderstanding, I set up an inbound route with a pattern of _.5555555555555555555555 and this matches both, when I would have expected it to match neither.

I guess that a leading _. matches for everything, yet setting up my two routes as 01623111111 and 01623222222, which seem to be the DID numbers I get on the trunks, gets “The number you have dialed is not in service”.

Please help me before I pull my last remaining hair out!

With a catchall (any / any) route, make test calls to both numbers. Look at the CDR record for the calls. The DID column should show what the provider is sending. Put that exact value (not a pattern) in the DID field of your inbound route and you should be good to go.

If both calls show the same value, change the context for your trunks to from-pstn-toheader and test again.

two trunks don’t need a wild card,

(_nn matches anything that starts with nn but _. matches anything that begins with anything :slight_smile: )


one on each route

Thank you. I can now see other problems in my log, namely that my trunk logins are “fighting”. I
will need to think about how to fix that first! Thank you for your help.

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