Inbound Routes and a Description after the phone numer

I have started using the IVR to get away away from everhearing a call from a telemarketer as now we are getting the by 2 or 3 day. I was using blacklisting when i got the call but now that is a pain.
I have setup the IVR asking the caller to press 1 to reach us. Since the telemarketers (I hope) can not press one due to the dialing method they use. this will stop our phones from ever ringing with a telemarketer on the other end.

But I do not want family and friends to have to use this step so I have been using the inbound routing. I know how about 10 or 12 entries.

Is there a way we can add a description when entering the number, or eve the caller ID of that number so at a quick glance I can say how thats John or thats Jim

If not could that be something that could be added into the routing module and saved out to the database>



the place for suggestions is feature requests in trac. That is what we go through when working on new releases. So if they aren’t there, they will likely be overlooked. (do a quick search first though, since this request may already be there).

Well if you want family members to not worry about it, then you will have to create an inbound route with both the DID and CLID programmed. IF one of your family members does not have a CLID visible (CallerID Blocking) they will have to press 1 to continue as you can’t determine who the caller is without the CLID.
This is currently the only way to do this.
I think you can also program the CLID portion with a AREA Code + NXXXXXX to allow all calls from a specific area code to do your bypassing if you want.