Inbound Route

After adding multiple inbound routes, if the user call to extension user then i want map some user with that DID, so no other user can make call to another extension user, So please suggest from where we can do the setting for this?

With one exception, each Inbound Route has a inbound DID or caller’s CID associated with it. When a call comes in for that that DID, it is sent to a destination. That destination can be an IVR, a queue, a ring group, an extension, or any one of several dozen possible places.

It sounds like you want to associate a DID with a user. Set up the inbound route with a DID and make the destination for that Inbound Route the extension of the user. Within the user’s extension, this could cause an extension to ring, voicemail to be received, or an external call through FindMe/FollowMe.

There isn’t a “setting” per se, it’s just the way you configure the Inbound Route.