Inbound route with several did series?

Is it possible to block series of number that just are used for spammers, they do not really exsist.??? This is my ide, but I do not know if it will work.

I presume you want to match on CallerID number, not DID. You can use pattern Match in both the CID and DID fields, but you at limited to a single pattern. To match a call to multiple patters requires a separate inbound route for each.

I have tried 3CX and there I may put in a list of numbers, even series of numbers in what they call blacklist and whitelist. I may also close the during night and just send a message, but still let the whitelist calls come trough. This is what I hoped that I easily could be done here too. I have to admit that this is 100% hobby related and a way of keeping really old phones working. It is actually extremely funny to have a Siemens phone made in 1911 in the living-room and it is working. (even when that Strowger dial is far from easy to use) :slight_smile:

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