Inbound Route Wildcard Question

I have large batch of DDI numbers, some are currently not in use and they get assigned as needed. In my inbound routes section I add the DDI number and the extension that it goes to. All works good. Except, the numbers that are not in use, if i call them the call shows up in the log. Ideally what I want to do is create a catchall kind of inbound rule that terminates all calls that don’t match any inbound routes. Is this possible? I tried adding one of the DDI in the inbound route and set it to terminate call and that call doesn’t get recorded in the call monitor. I’m hoping doing this will also keep uneccessary calls showing up

I think I can leave the DID field blank so it applies to all DID numbers coming in. But if I do this, it won’t cancel out the DID number routes I already have? By doing this, I’m essentially creating a hang up for all calls and then individual routes for the DID’s that are in use

Here’s how the inbound priority works.

DID and CID match
DID match
Catchall match

So if you have a DID match that routes to an extension and then the catchall that terminates all calls, the call should go through just fine.

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