Inbound Route - Wildcard CID matching?

The only threads I have found on this are 7+ years old.

I am trying to set up an inbound route to explicitly send any calls from a certain NPA to a queue.

I know that in the Inbound Routes configuration, the (?) on DID states that It supports wildcards and regex (X, [234] etc)

However, I am hoping for a way to do the same on the inbound callerID, so that calls from 306XXXXXXX all get routed through to my specific. destination.

I really don’t want to have to do this raw in dialplan…

It is supported, use the leading underscore char and define CID with the standard N, X and Z etc. Note the “CID Priority Route” option in the inbound route, it’s usually necessary to enable this for these type of cases.

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no luck, im afraid.

setting CID Priority = yes
CID: 3068675309 (for example) rings our default route
and CID 306867530_X routed to an announcement also hits the default route

even after a second apply-config and a >fwconsole reload

I pulled the CID that I am matching on raw from the CDR Reports, so I don’t think the issue is a leading 1.

Your pattern CID must have a leading underscore:


Beautiful, that is indeed working. Thanks Lorne.

perhaps the (?) text is missing relevant info?
the DID help gives >You can also use a pattern match (eg _2[345]X) to match a range of numbers
but there is no relevant/useful help on CID for patterns.

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These are standard Asterisk dial patterns, and there is detail in the FreePBX wiki:

i dont disagree.
But i do want to point out that if its in the tooltip for one field and not the other, one would logically assume it wasn’t valid for that 2nd field.

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