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I am about to build a miscellaneous application that I’d like to tie to an inbound route. After having created a misc. application I am trying to set the application as the destination of an inbound route. However, the extension configured in the misc. application does not show up as an extension. When trying to use ‘Custom Application’ as the destination, the module information could not be found.

What am I doing wrong here?


A misc application is only to create a dialable feature code. I can’t tell what you’re doing, but perhaps you’re looking for a misc destination.

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Hi Lorne,

Based on the answer you gave me in post 78228 which solved that problem, I am trying to handle blocked, anonymous and regular inbound calls using a standardized and reusable ‘logic’, consisting of call flows (switches), announcements and time conditions. That’s where my idea of a Misc. Application with an extension number came from. By itself this works, so far so good.

The problem is in an inbound connection to transfer a call to that extension. I expect to see the Misc. Application’s extension in the list of extensions when choosing ‘Extension’ as the destination of the inbound route. To no avail, because the extension does not show up there.

Trying to set the inbound route’s destination to ‘Custom Applications’ fails, because my PBX can’t find the module information for the Custom Applications when selecting it as a destination for the inbound route. Since it fails, I can’t tell whether this route is even the right way to do it, because an error comes up at the modules page: Module information not found - We are unable to find any information on the module you are looking for.

The latter makes me think something is corrupted, but even restoring a backup of a month ago does not resolve this issue.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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As I said, a Custom Application is ONLY for creating a dialable feature code. The concept you’re looking for is a Custom Destination, which you could create to reference the Custom Application. However, it shouldn’t be necessary. You can just select the same destination for the inbound route that the Custom Application is using.

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Hi Lorne,

Thanks for your reply. Please bare with me as I am relatively new to FreePBX, besides some phenomena seem to have different names in different places in FreePBX.

Dialable feature code; to me this is some configurable logic / action that can be dialed using either *XXX or by setting an extension number. When creating one I use Applications => Misc. Applications from the menu. I am testing this using extension number 3000.

I’ve tested forwarding incoming calls from an inbound route using Custom Destinations, which works like a charm. Dialing the 3000 extension, off course, works as well.

When you say: “However, it shouldn’t be necessary. You can just select the same destination for the inbound route that the Custom Application is using.” do you mean forwarding the call to Extension 3000 as the destination in the inbound route?

I am asking, because if your answer is yes, in my instance of FreePBX the 3000 extension does not appear in the list of available extensions. So there’s no way to selected it.

One of us missing something fundamental here. It looks like you have a misc application with feature code 3000 set to go to a Custom Destination. It works as expected. Now you want to direct inbound calls to this misc application, but you can’t do it directly. You would set the inbound route destination to the same Custom Destination that the misc app is using. More circuitous, but you can also use a misc dest to the misc app which goes to the custom dest.

Can @hvledder confirm that he has created an extension 3000 previously to routing to it? This could be sip, pjsip, dahdi, . . . or virtual. My guess is that a virtual extension with FollowMe set would be simple.

It was Lorne who told him to create an application. Maybe that was a typo.

Misc application -> CF ctrl -> Announcement -> etc…

Program the phone to dial the misc app.

PS. It might help if the original thread were re-opened and this one appended to it.

Hi Lorne,

I think you’re right, we might be missing something fundamental here. The application I am aiming at is simply a welcome message, a bunch of other announcements, Call Flow Controls and Time Conditions, eventually ending up in three outcomes: either an incoming call gets terminated politely, the call is forwarded to a ring group or the call is transferred to a receptionist. No Custom Destinations here.

The Misc. Application came to mind because it seems to allow grouping the logic and making it accessible by simply transfering an incoming call to the extension configured as part of the Misc. Application.

But being relatively new to FreePBX, this may not be the preferred way to do things in FreePBX. If so, please let me know what way is.


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