Inbound route to daily changing destinations?

Hi All

Not sure of the correct way to ask this, or if such a package exists.

Running an ageing trixbox distro - still works fine so haven’t changed it yet.

I want to assign a DID to a specific mobile number which changes at 09:00 every day.

Is there a package possible where users can login with their mobiles at 09:00 and change the destination of the route to their own mobile number?

We basically want to simplify our 24 hour on call system so that the number stays constant, but the end user changes at 09:00. We also have this information up front so could uses a destination with time conditions?


Configure a Queue - in my case 700
Configure inbound route to Queue
Configure two Misc Destinations - one dialling 700* one dialling 700**
Configure IVR for a number using the two Misc destinations above as the options
Configure Ext with Follow Me direct to mobile number

User dials in to number destined for IVR - then logs in and the other number is diverted to the mobile.