Inbound route terminate with busy/congestion

Am trying to set up an incoming route on a particular DID to either terminate the call with busy or congestion but I’m not getting the behavior I’m expecting (running with Asterisk 16.15.1 FWIW).

With either of the above two options instead of the caller being presented with a busy or fast-busy signal as I would expect, they get Allison saying “the user you are trying to reach is unavailable” twice then followed by silence.

If I use the “play no service message” or the “SIT/Zapateller” options those do work as expected.

It almost seems as if the busy/congestion options are somehow linked to the wrong recordings internally.


You going to have to look at the log output to see if the incoming route is matching what you put in , and what is coming into the PBX. To me, it sounds like they are not matching.

I’ve had problems with setting the destination for a DID to Terminate Call. I think it has to do with the PBX not actually answering the call which might cause weirdness with the carrier. I ended up routing the DID to an announcement with no recording and having it hang up.

In this case it’s the only incoming route… and by changing to “SIT/Zapateller” or one of the other options it does work… so I’m doubly sure in this case that it’s hitting the right route. :slight_smile:

Interesting, I hadn’t given a thought that the announcement might have been coming from the provider side. I’ll have to give it a test on my office PBX and see if it behaves the same. If so I may have to talk to the trunk provider because in this case I was kind of looking for annoying beeping and not a friendly voice response LOL

I suspect @bksales has nailed it, hanging up an inbound call before it’s been answered can trigger unpredictable results depending on the provider. Try adding a ‘force answer’ on the inbound route to see if things work then. If not, going to need a call trace:

thanks @lgaetz, the force answer gets me exactly the annoying beeping sound I desired :smile:

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