Inbound route question

is it possible to have more than 1 DID entered in an inbound route?

I have 3 trunks which I want to direct to a single extension (my system has 4 extensions).

The sip id number is currently entered under ‘DID Number’ which routes only to the destination extension, is it possible to enter more DID numbers in this Field?



You can create an “Any/Any” route that allows all incoming numbers that aren’t handled in another inbound route.

You can use wildcards (to an extent) to allow more than one number to access an inbound route.

Other than that, not really. Each inbound number gets its own inbound route. The good news is that you can point as many inbound routes as you want to a single destination.

your latter suggestion sounds like a good way to achieve what I want, I’ll give it a try.

thanks Dave

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