Inbound Route / Privacy Manager Flaw,,,crack,,or sneakaround

On the inbound route section, when you say “yes” to the privacy manager option, it will tell the caller anonymous calls aren’t allowed and they must enter their phone number starting with the area code to continue (or something like that). I called it with my other line and it gave me the message and I entered a totally bogus number and it let me in. So, this might be a fix or it might be just one of those things you can’t fix and rely on the caller entereing their proper 10 digit number. Comments please. Thanks, and remember,it’s always noon somewhere. MC

Ok, that should have been your first answer. Being honest is the best way to do it. This is still the best package so I’ll stick with it.

there are plenty of other projects out there if you don’t like this one, feel free to try out something else that may better suit what you are looking for.

that is all privacy manager does, allow someone to put in a number. You can put what you want. There is no realistic way to verify the number nor is that the intent.

What would the intent be then? I’d like to know exactly who (or their number) is that is calling me. I think that should be the intent; accountability and screening if we don’t like the number coming through. Explain what intent you had in mind during the development of the module please. As far as there being a realistic way of making it happen, couldn’t you have the system call the number back and then authenticate it by letting them press a digit on their phone to continue on with the call and have both parties connect? Let’s make this happen otherwise it will remain corny and laughable. Thanks. Matt Cero

P.S. I don’t like when people complain and don’t offer an alternative so I’m offering a lightning bolt from my brain storm.


feel free to write something or pay someone to do something fancy. That is not the intent. The privacy manager works just like similar features from various telephone companies and that is all it is intended to do. More technically, it leverages the asterisk app_privacy.c application to do what it does.

If someone is harassing you, call the police and complain.

In the words of the caveman on those Geico Insurance commercials "Uh-WHAT?! You should call it something else then. Anything other than Privacy Manager would do. If you’re having a private party, you’d want to know who is coming in prior to letting them in correct? With this privacy manager, anyone can still get in, even the first monkey who presses ten digits on their phones. If telemarketers call you and you can prove it was them, you’ve scored $500 so this is a reason to make this a real module. Ok, that’s all on this. Please realize the module is lame and needs a serious revision. MC

the privacy manager cuts out AUTOMATED anonymous calls and it works