Inbound route priority order?

I have one inbound route for each of my three lines. They go to various time conditions, then on to IVR’s and such. All works great. I need tho, that if certain cell phones call in to always go straight to the ring group. Regardless of whether it is outside of the “office hours” or whatever. Always always ring the phones. However, I found that just entering a CID will not work. The time condition always grabs the call first. If I put in a DID then it seems to work. But I do not want to have to enter 3 inbound routes for every cell phone. Is there a way around this? Is there such a thing as “Inbound Groups” or something where I could put a list of phone numbers and say “if any of these numbers call in on any line, do this…”. That way I would only need one inbound route for that feature.

You might need to send all calls there before the inbound route takes effect. Something like giving your custom context as where that trunk sends inbound calls. I do that for custom CID massaging and privacy_mgr etc. After I know I want to accept the call, I jump to:

exten => MYPHONENUMBER,n,Goto(from-trunk,${DID},1)