Inbound route pattern matching

We have a PRI with 100+ DID’s I would like to match the DID to an extension with out creating a ton of inbound routes. Your phone number are formated 123-456-16XX and our extensions are 2XX. For example 123-456-1659 ring extension 259, 123-456-1668 ring extension 268 and so on.

I am running FreePBX 2.9.09 and Asterisk

How would I accomplish this? Thank you.

Enter the DID in the extension config page. FreePBX will automatically create a route.

It does do that but I was hoping to have the routes more consolidated by doing a global match so that errors could be easier to avoid and so the list of routes would be shorter.

Pattern matching is supported in the DID field, so I suppose you could use something like “_.XX” where XX is the last two numbers in your example. Thus,
"*.59" could be pointing to ext. 259. But this could cause problems. In your very example, you say you have “100+” extensions. That being the case, the “XX” will repeat. You’re still having to enter an inbound route for each DID.

I’ve got nearly 300 phones here, and I feel entering the whole DID the preferred method.

All of that being said, I have a choice with my PRI provider to receive DID’s as 10, 7, of 4 characters. I chose 10 because that totally eliminates any chance of ambiguity.